The basic business activity of PPZ „Trzemeszno’’ Sp. z o.o. consists in potato processing and potato starch production. The Company position in the market depends on the extent our Clients' requirements and expectations are met.

In order to improve the competitiveness of products and constant satisfaction of the clients, the Company set forth the following quality objectives:

- production and delivery of products meeting our clients’ requirements and expectations in compliance with the current regulations and standards

- improvement of the corporate image in the market in the scope of products competitiveness and quality of relations with clients.

The following actions are taken up to reach the designated objectives:

- improving work organisation,

- improving work efficiency and optimising costs,

- extending the company output markets and increasing the sales,

- extending the range of the manufactured products,

- maintaining the highest technical level and improving infrastructural resources,

- increasing employees qualifications,

- improving employee motivation system,

- ensuring and improving safe and hygienic work conditions,

- applying the diligence principle in the manufacturing process to ensure the product’s health safety,

- systematically adjusting and improving the process quality management system in compliance with the PN ISO 9001:2000 standard and the HACCP system.


The assigned tasks and rights involve the responsibility for quality assumed by all the Company employees.


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